H & M will launch a special series of cute children's fashion cute children's classic single product


In September of this year, H & M will launch a special series of fashionable children's clothing to support the UNICEF (UNICEF) ALL FOR CHILDREN program. The All for Children collection will be available in 160 H & M stores worldwide and 25% of its sales will go directly to the UNICEF project to promote education and protect the rights of children in disadvantaged communities. H & M and UNICEF launched the All for Children program in November 2009. The five-year project received SEK 40 million (US $ 4.5 million) from H & M. Currently, the project further spans communities in southern India to provide assistance to Bangladeshi children. H & M's All for Children series focuses on the children's favorite playful and classic pieces for parents and children. The children-oriented series, the strength of the customers look forward to the exquisite fashion design. The All for Children collection is designed with diversity in mind and mixes with the best of both worlds for durability. Made from cashmere, all the accessories in the collection bring comfort in cool weather. Its design to love the classic models for the prototype, and into the modern sense. Girls wear dresses, skirts, shorts and vests with floral prints, bow ties and striped piping, all in fall colors such as nudity, sauces and coral. Boys wear plaid shirts, sports pants, hoodies, corduroy jackets and must-have Parker coats. The money raised from the series will be used to support the All for Children program, which is committed to bringing far-reaching changes to generations of children in some of the world's poorest parts of H & M clothing. H & M will support UNICEF's efforts to protect the rights and interests of Bangladeshi children and create access to them. We are convinced that literate children are able to choose their own future more wisely.