Maitie -MIGHT fashion women's own mix and match style


MIGHT advocates a concept that is in line with the pace of life and leaps and bounds, adheres to the "Marnisesque" mix and match style, and integrates contemporary art with the new mainstream trend style.

MIGHT is to create a comfortable atmosphere of dress, without dressing as who, but with clothes to express themselves, the inner emotions, thoughts and delicate expression and release, that is, the specific embodiment of each person's spiritual image.


Innovative, practical, beautiful silhouette, just the right grooming physique, no extra decoration, emphasizing the essence of luxury, hand-held intercourse is vivid and smooth and freehand, grace and grace. The product is positioned at the age of 30 with high-level knowledge of women, fabrics from Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, pay attention to comfortable, stylish high-grade fabrics, coupled with exquisite workmanship, making each product are very outstanding.