Warmly celebrate Chongqing Yongchuan Ming Hao Mall Love yarn baby counters a full upgrade


Love yarn baby series underwear with "intellectual, fashion, elegance and comfort," the essence of the brand highlights the gentle and rich, sexy and charming eastern women, is a rising star in China's underwear industry, at present, after more than three years of development, has become deep By the majority of women welcome and favor of China's first brand of adjustable underwear.

In order to further enhance the brand image, enhance brand competitiveness, live up to the majority of female consumers and franchisee love and support, Love yarn International attaches great importance to love yarn brand image building, following the first upgrade in September 2011, in 2012 Beginning in February, Love yarn baby one after another will be the perfect terminal store upgrade. March 12, 2012, Chongqing Yongchuan Ming Hao Mall Love yarn baby counters take the lead in achieving the second upgrade.

According to Love yarn apparel International Group (China) Co., Ltd., executive director and marketing director Zou Jifu introduction, the terminal image of the second upgrade, including the promotion of terminal items and store image enhancement. Props include the counter, the island, throwing planes, knitting planes, water stations, etc., the new image from LOGO, signs, background panels, wall ceilings, lighting and other elements of the beautiful transformation. Upgraded love yarn counters tend to look more concise, stylish, atmospheric, convey the essence of the brand more accurate, closely linked to the pulse of fashion, love yarn become the radiation to the world of high-end underwear brand to lay a solid foundation. Next, Love yarn International will gradually implement the new image upgrade system work in other regions of the country, Love yarn not only to brand Logo, store style upgrade, more importantly, Love yarn products, Love yarn service will also Synchronized to enhance, Love yarn will continue to improve customer satisfaction, more firmly consolidate Love yarn China's first brand of adjustable underwear status.

It is understood that the love yarn baby sign door and the two white transparent design simple atmosphere, innovative fashion, loving yarn LOGO highlights the portfolio while allowing the love yarn from the dazzling array of underwear signs out of the breakthrough, highlighting self-confidence , Elegance and taste. Ceiling circular shape of the decorative lights shop more romantic, stylish, elegant wallpaper, wallpaper beautify the wall so that the entire store is more suitable for women shopping warm atmosphere, high-end chandelier gives a mild, cordial, natural feeling. Image board exquisitely carved, from the outside lights and ceiling spotlights, an increase of three-dimensional sense of the background of the entire board to enhance the grade, but also better convey the essence of Love yarn brand.

The beautiful transformation of Love is Love yarn International initiative to adapt to market changes, leading the healthy consumption of women's underwear, communication underwear culture, show love yarn wisdom of a major move. Not only to upgrade the image of Love yarn project, and clearly identifies the brand's market position, this is not just the brand image upgrade, changes in the style of the counter decoration, which contains greater changes behind, that is, products and services will also Synchronized upgrade.

Love yarn brand new brand in Chongqing Yongchuan Ming Hao Mall Love yarn treasure counter took the lead in the brand opened a loving yarn a new page to further strengthen the "to protect the health of women as its mission to create the United States and spread the United States," the original intention of the brand, and further Love yarn brand to enhance the visibility and influence.