"AMINTA" (Amyita) cutting-edge designers in 2012 to fight


With the ever-changing times, modern women are influenced by multiple cultures and form an independent aesthetic experience. The conservative style of women 's clothing has been unable to meet the fashion requirements of this group. Fashion is a kind of wisdom, but also a creation. Cutting-edge designers bold experience of life, keen on the use of keen sense of touch, to create fashion for the times, to provide a modern woman life style and dress expression.

艾米塔 - AMINTA

"AMINTA" ( Amyita ) to modern women to provide a perfect state of life as its mission, the fashion and classic docking, so that leisure and comfort coexist, through exquisite tailoring, smooth lines in the mature temperament reveals young vitality. Owns a number of outstanding domestic cutting-edge designers, bringing together domestic and international fashion resources, the United a number of outstanding manufacturers, give full play to the advantages of industrial clusters, design, production and sales of various types of fashion women's style, a comprehensive attack on the national market.
Style positioning - fashion, temperament, simplicity, comfort, casual age positioning - rich product line to meet the 70, 80, 90's (20-35 years old) modern women's dress needs price positioning - in the high-end,
Spring and summer: 59-599;
Autumn and winter: 99-999 (except fur down)