Tai Wo brand to create belongs to the Chinese own fashion


Taihe brand was established in 1989. In 1998, Taihe TAHAN was named "Top Brand of Chinese Women " by the "Business Times", and at the same time acquired "Chinese and Foreign Fashion Magazine" and transformed it into "TAHAN", introducing the full range of fashion life and creating the " And the modern way of life, communicate with consumers in the brand culture, the fashion into fashion. In 1997, Taihe invested RMB 20 million to buy CCTV a set of prime time five-second commercials. In the same year, Miss Qu Ying, an internationally renowned supermodel, was invited to join Taihe as its spokesman for "TAHAN".

太和 - TAHAN



"TAHAN" brand women's wear, women's age, consumer habits, product positioning to meet the needs of women of all ages, levels, occupations and other needs. Taihe Clothing Co., Ltd. adhering to the "innovation brand, guide consumption, expand the market, exquisite service" business philosophy, unswervingly take the "brand management" of the road. For each shop that operates TAHAN products, we strive for excellence and advancement in accordance with the standards and requirements of modern retail management, regardless of the mode of operation of goods, service attitude, decoration, display, advertising, promotion strategies, supply replenishment and computer systems. Enterprises to "market-oriented, brand culture and development, knowledge-based efficiency and create revenue," so that customer satisfaction 100%. So far, Taihe has dozens of central cities in the country with marketing agencies, its more than 200 TAHAN stores, sales network throughout the country. Companies to import advanced management concepts, through a powerful computer management system to achieve customer and company "zero distance" management.