Wear heels in the best 3CM


[This site - shoes and life] Summer, many women have put on beautiful clothes, but also accompanied by beautiful sandals. Color and style are undoubtedly the primary conditions for women's friends to choose shoes. However, in fact, for the sake of good health, women wear shoes in the summer there is still a lot of knowledge!

Heel 3CM shoe is the most healthy

Many people think that if they are high heels, they are not good for their health. This is one-sided. Three centimeters of shoes, if worn comfortably, have a certain role in correcting certain body shapes and protecting and maintaining arches.

People with poor waist and kidney function avoid high heels

A long time wearing high heels requires more stability and more downforce, and this way you can imagine the situation of people with poor waist and kidney function in the long run. This point, more emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine.

It's not necessary to explain too much if you want to wear a flat heel. If you don't want to make your calf thicker, don't wear high heels!

O-shaped legs to avoid long time through high heels

High heels are definitely the killer of O-shaped legs!

Which shoe is better?

This is to be divided. If the environment you use stays air-conditioned for a long period of time, then try to wear shoes with feet in your feet. You should know that the cold air of women's bodies is brought in summer, and you can unknowingly let your feet get cold. People with cold constitutions are worse off. If you're always in a hot spot, it's better to wear sandals. Of course, if you want to prevent all kinds of bacteria from invading, shoes with feet are naturally much better than sandals.

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