CLORIS (song Disi) so that every woman on the T stage


Soft lighting, rhythmic music, tall and beautiful models, stylish and decent clothing, calm and able pace, the focus of excitement, every woman is eager to become the focus, are willing to accept thousands of pet care in one of the concerns, however Not everyone can show themselves in this atmosphere. Until the appearance of "CLASS", a fashion brand known as "expensive fashion" British style, makes the beauty beauty circle its own "T dream", CLORIS fashion elegant, worthy of the arts Product design style from the heart of the deep into a strong source of confidence for women, whether it is office, go out, all the friends dressed in CLORIS (women) have become the focus of much publicity, so walking has become a desire for A better life to build their own "T Taiwan display area."


Like all products marketed in the market, apparel brand growth is fundamentally "quality." Today, as the commodity economy is highly developed, brand awareness has become more and more entrenched in the minds of more and more domestic consumers. CLORIS as the newly introduced Chinese women's brand, did not blindly introduce its original European version and design style into the country, but after the consumption of Chinese fashion women's concepts and aesthetic needs through systematic and scientific Based on the analysis, to find suitable for the Chinese market design style, nor blindly superstitious European and American designers theory, after weighing the contrast, and South Korea's famous women's designer JESSICA LEE together, the incumbent CLORIS Director of the brand positioning her clothing style is first of all very stylish, but at the same time is modest, not exaggerated, simple and close to people's lives, it is consistent with people's pursuit of the charm of fashion personality expression, while the quality On the advantages of trustworthy.


CLORIS began in England 100 years ago after Cloris Philip, the daughter of Earl of Abraham Philip, and Cloris married to a talented civilian artist. Since then, both of them have devoted themselves to fashion design with their own command and talent, and have finally designed the CLORIS women's clothing brand that allows every ordinary girl to have "beautiful beauty and fashion", perfectly combining art and fashion. The Chinese urban women on clothing, understanding of fashion Enlightenment is still far less than a hundred years, coupled with the different body, living environment and education, does not exactly match with the British style, which requires CLORIS (song Disi) The design team makes scientific judgments on Chinese women.

Yinlei International CLORIS (Codisi) into the domestic market, the successful completion of the transformation of foreign brands localization. First of all, it is with the above mentioned excellent Korean fashion designer JESSICA LEE hand, and secondly, is this year's China International Fashion Fair debut stunning, perfect planning and live show for CLORIS (Cotis) made the move Market victory, once again, after this service CLORIS (Codisi) will hold regular China-Korea fashion exchange meeting, and South Korea and Europe and the United States designers work together to discuss women's fashion trends.


After so carefully arranged to create the CLORIS (GODIS) women, the perfect complement to the East, the white color of women is not enough white, tall, poor shortcomings, but also the soft oriental women holding up to the extreme. CLORIS (song Disi), so that every woman on the T station, full of confidence, to meet every challenge.

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