Soft Light Yang Zi × FENYI SHOW2020 "Zhao Jin" 2019 Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo


If you want to ask women which moment is the most fascinating, nothing can match the ordinary life, the unintentional appearance of softness, or the polishing of time, the sleek gesture of everything, the most exciting.

At the show of the 2019 Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo today, Mr. Yang Zi, the top ten fashion designer in China, took a new product of his famous brand MR.DESIGNERYANGZI and staged a Yangzi×FENYI SHOW2020.

The theme of this release show is “Soft Light”, and Mr. Yang Zi hopes to find a simple and pure woman in China.

Mr. Yang Zi uses an asymmetrical design in the new clothing, using different materials mix and neat lines, plus warm minimalism and measuring windbreaker and other design elements, boldly match different styles, for women of different occasions Innovate.

Based on the wide design and the feminine softness, the design highlights such as large sleeves, shirring, collage and pressure line design reflect the essence of the single product and the designer's ideas, creating a dynamic and exquisite life for us. Woman image.

The main color of the clothes is pure white, pure black, calm blue, warm champagne, and soft pink embellishment, as well as the interpretation of classic stripes, bold collisions of different colors. The style is amazing and the colors are diverse.

On the fabric, MR.DESIGNERYANGZI inherits pragmatism and uses comfortable and gentle cotton and linen materials to enable women to wear elegantly.

2020MR.DESIGNERYANGZI popular trend release, a total of 40 sets of clothing, the use of mashups and contrasts to reflect individual aesthetics, so that the colorful female image, three-dimensional appearance in people's vision.

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