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Children's clothing is a special need to pay attention to quality and safety items, because the child is in the long body, the weaker resistance, clothing fabric composition, design has a specific version of the design requirements. Out-of-juvenile equipment selection of high-quality cotton and other environmentally friendly fabrics, version design to loose, comfortable, give full play to the lively nature of children. Offside juvenile attention to detail, every production process are very tight grasp of formaldehyde content, color fastness, PH value and other key indicators of strict monitoring, each product must go through a rigorous inspection to the factory, offside juvenile Loaded, rest assured quality, more love. Guangzhou Offside Garments Co., Ltd. (offside) Address: Jia Jun Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Jia Jun Jia Industrial Park Investment Hotline: Fax: Website: http: //

Cheer Hair Bows: As for Cheer Bows, glitter fabric is the fabric we often use which feel and touch better compared with mystique fabric. We also do sublimated bows which are cost effective.

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Cheerleading Hair Bows

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