Stray bear children's clothing for children to enjoy love, know how to love


Wenzhou City Stray Bear Clothing Co., Ltd. is a design, research and development, sales and brand children's clothing and supplies in one of the company. Stray bears focus on the implementation of brand strategy, from the brand image, product design, market development, sales and service and information management to improve all aspects. Brand concept: We advocate a happy concept of love, we provide happy services for children. We have the confidence to build "well-known children's clothing brand." Use our love to love your children, let your children know how to love, know how to love the loved ones around, partners. Only know how to love others, will win the love of others, will win a bright future. Ravens is willing to experience the harmony of love with the world's parents and your children to enjoy the joy of love.

Polyester Full Draw Yarn Tbr Because the fiber does not contain titanium dioxide, the fabric is very bright, widely used in Embroidery Thread, lace and clothing. Our company mainly supplies fine and multifilament for weaving and knitting. Can provide round, trilobal , flat section. The product range is from 30D to 150D.


Polyester Full Draw Yarn TBR

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