Delicate Body Beauty underwear graceful posture, graceful grace to bring every woman


Xin Yang International Group, a Taiwan-invested enterprises, founded by Ms. Lin Su-e, the Group is headquartered in Taiwan, the product development and manufacturing in Japan, sales of conditioning underwear and skin care products based, and professional manner of marketing. Today, the new Yang International Group launched in Japan, with Taiwan as the headquarters, Hong Kong and Macao as a springboard, the successful expansion of the Group's business layout. With the goal of "laying the foundations of Taiwan, building Hong Kong, rooting China and expanding the world", the Kingdom of Greater China underwear is established. The graceful posture, graceful attitude to bring every woman.


Business vision / positioning
* Based on high-quality body products in the world
* To change the lives of healthy and beautiful confidence in the corporate mission of life - Health Engineering · Beautiful life and health - the driving force, potential health - peace of mind, satisfaction, cheerful workers - professional and technical process - professional process, experience and accumulation of beauty - both inside and outside In the United States (Thanksgiving)
Li - temperament, repair culvert, moral character - talent (carved and carved)
Health - renewed, endless, heritage

柔漾美体内衣  将曼妙体态、绰约风姿带给每一位女性


Access to the design patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office Obtained the functional design patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office Passed the quality inspection of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and obtained the certificate (Product Standard No .: Q / TJQD1-2007)
National Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Shanghai) Inspection Qualification Report Won the Quality Certification of National Quality Miles Holds the Test Report on the Composition of Cloth Materials of Japan Consumer Science Institute Holds the Silk Protein Test Report of China Textile Industry Research Center (International Edition)

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