Seven-Year-Wolves Net Profit Increases 40% YoY


Septwolves recently released a mid-term report saying that due to the impact of the general environment, the end-user consumption was generally weak in the first half of the year. In the first half of the year, the company’s net profit increased by 40.61% year-on-year; however, net profit decreased by 59.1% quarter-on-quarter, but seven wolves still favored the organization. According to the mid-year report, eight of the top ten tradable shareholders of Septwolves are from institutional investors, and both increased their holdings in the second quarter.

The company's store expansion slowed down. The reason for the sharp decline in net profit was that seven wolves said in the mid-year report that the main reason was that the apparel industry showed weak end-use consumption during the reporting period, the same-store growth slowed, and the pressure on channel inventory increased. Coupled with the abnormal weather in the second quarter, the heavy rain and the apparently lower temperatures in May and June than in previous years affected terminal sales.

According to report, since the first half of this year, seven wolves have opened very few stores, and terminal outlets have only increased by 5 to 3981, including direct net additions of 4 to 534, and net additions of 1 to 3447.

According to a latest research report released by Bohai Securities, seven wolves sample shop data showed that the overall terminal terminal's same-store growth rate was slowing, which means that if the terminal's inventory backlog cannot be digested in time, then the future sales intentions will decline.

“In the case of economic downturn, the clothing industry is favored by mid-to-low-end products. Consumer groups have limited spending power and are vulnerable to the impact. Garment consumption itself is seasonal. In the first quarter, because the Spring Festival is the peak season for consumers, sales volume increases. There is an important factor in the difference between the two quarters' performance, said Han Changshui, senior investment advisor of Fuzhou Business Department of China Merchants Securities.

In the second quarter, ** increase in total holdings. With the disclosure of seven wolves, the institutional investment strategy has surfaced. As of the second quarter, the institution still occupied eight of the top ten tradable shareholders of the seven wolves. Among them, the ninth largest seat for the Bank of Communications Schroder blue-chip stocks, buy 4,747,750 shares in circulation of seven wolves. In addition, the other seven institutional investors added seven wolves in the second quarter.

Among them, E Fund Value Growth Hybrid ** increased 6.3 million shares, still the third largest tradable shareholder of the company; E Fonda actively grew ** added 192 million shares to become the fifth largest shareholder of tradable shares; 383.43 million shares, GF large-cap growth mixed ** (2.4166 million shares increase) and GF poly open ** (2.3327 million shares increase) rank fourth, sixth, and seventh respectively. Bit.

In addition, Jinxin Securities Investment ** and Taida Hongli Market Value Preferred Stocks ranked 8th and 10th among tradable shareholders, adding 680,000 shares and 1,298,300 shares respectively.

The Great Wall Securities research report stated that the men's clothing market has a large capacity and the seven wolves have a solid leading position in the sub-sector. It is expected that the compound growth of profits will exceed 30% in the next three years.

“There are not many stocks available for the apparel sector. Similar high-end men's wear brands and high-end leisure apparel like Septwolves, Canudi Road, and Soult’s are relatively fixed due to relatively constant consumer groups and are relatively less affected by the economic downturn. The long-term development prospects are also more promising,” said Han Changshui.

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