CONUO fashion waist show quality and style


They may be corporate white-collar workers, administrative civil servants, freelancers, teachers, lonely aristocrats, self-employed households or wealthy, full-time wives. They focus on their work, career and social values, while emphasizing the quality of life, they are CONUO loyal consumers. "Conuo ( Kenuo )" basic products to waist silhouette, smooth lines as the main feature, and fusion of fashion and life, through fine workmanship and details, to their elegant, romantic, casual, stylish quality.


CONUO fashion waist show quality and style


CONUO fashion waist show quality and style

Conuo (Koru) fashion brand , leading the fashion, and effective combination with the market for the Chinese woman's beauty, the quality and style of Chinese women, catch up and guide the fashion trend, contribute their passion, dedication and wisdom . The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, customer-oriented, quality first, harmony-based, integrity management and continuous innovation". With the spirit and values ​​of "cooperation, win-win, responsibility, commitment and commitment" Market share and brand awareness continue to improve, the products continue to be customers like to achieve the common development of customers and businesses and growth. Mu coagulation costumes is willing to work with you hand in hand, let us witness the dream stage to create life.

When we talk about the winter Kids Boots collections of JNPFOOTWEAR , we are considering fashion, comfortable and safe.

• Fashion, every season, we have new styles and leather patterns for winter kids boots

• Comfortable, in order our winter kids boots could wear comfortable, we make special insoles with more cushion and anchor-support.

• Safe, due to most of our winter kids boots are export to European and American market, so need to make sure all the materials of our kids boots could pass the standards of the import country.

Welcome to cooperate with us for your winter kids boots. Feel free to let me know your ideas.

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