LAUCHOE women's spring and summer 2013 new catalog


LAUCHOE fabrics from Europe and Japan, focusing on the use of traditional fabrics such as silk, but also focus on the use of such as fiber-rich, spandex and other latest high-tech fabrics, both natural fabrics clothing comfort, and easy to clean and maintain good shape. Suitable for dating, leisure, work, so women can easily deal with a variety of occasions. 2013 spring and summer wear, LAUCHOE interpretation of the perfect summer clothing through the costumes.

Elegant gifts, YYX bag accessories add a marvelous finishing touch to a look, echoing the unique spirit of your brand. Offered in many versions, in shiny gold or silver, they are both useful and fun, giving you the opportunity to personalise bags fabulously.

Create unique custom bag accessories for your company or brand with your choice of the overall shape, size, colors, materials and finishes. YYX Company also offers the option of creating your pendants or charms out of precious metals for special occasions when you want to give everyone, something that will last forever. We can fulfill orders as small as 1000 pieces up to as many thousands that you may need. 

Submit your existing design or enlist our design team to assist you in perfecting your custom bag accessories. Bag accessories are typically made from zinc alloy or brass and then plated with your choice of shiny gold, silver, copper, bronze, or pewter, and we can offer antique versions of whatever you choose. Metal logo plates, charms, buckles, snap hooks, chain and buttons all can be customized as per your request!

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Everything looks better with YYX bag accessories.

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