EASTERLY winter cool black gold & temptation orange co-build handsome tough shape


"EASTERLY" in order to highlight the young women handsome, modern dress taste, focus on clothing details and quality At the same time, Aesop's words in the product style and stability as the core, while Western fashion culture interpretation of the unique oriental women dress taste, she operates not only women , More is the confidence and beauty of women; to promote not only the style, but also a philosophy of life - the courage of modern urban women to express themselves, love life, the pursuit of fashion appeal. EASTERLY winter, cool black gold and temptation orange, together to create a handsome winter tough style!


Full of tempting orange coat, simple and handsome tailoring, full texture fabrics, in this cold winter is undoubtedly the warmest care, with black and white stitching skirt, to create a handsome modern European and American style.

EASTERLY冬季炫酷黑金&诱惑橘黄 共筑帅气硬朗造型

Sparkling black gold success sucked eyes, cut the outline of the atmosphere, and delicate little collar in this winter Sheng Sheng is also retro, fashion, with brown perspective equipment, MIX metallic pendant, to create the most stunning winter Fashion trend.


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