Decipher the linen world culture from the Olympic Games


Decipher the linen world culture from the Olympic Games

The continuation of the flax culture goes into millions of households and spreads to the world

In the Olympic Games, we can see the spirit of perseverance and the perseverance of perseverance everywhere. At the same time, the continuation and development of this spirit is also reflected in a kind of apparel fabric. It is linen. The costumes of the athletes at the London Olympics are also the focus of the debate, but do you want to know the science behind the fabrics? Together we reveal secrets.

There are cotton, linen, silk and linen fabrics in the apparel fabrics, which can be said to be both loved by the people and refined. As one of the important raw materials in apparel, linen has been highly valued by consumers for thousands of years and is known for its closeness to nature, environmental protection, health, and other excellent qualities. Rooted in its own high value of green medicine and health and environmental protection, the blood of the millennium civilization, the integration of cutting-edge technology, and the achievement of the international professional brand value of linen clothing. We need to create domestic linen apparel at all levels and fully satisfy consumers at home and abroad. With the development of flax garments in every family, the concept of flax culture represented by the “Leave linen into the homes of ordinary people” represented by Mayifang, which is a healthy, natural, harmonious and comfortable achievement, is also widely circulated.

The spirit of self-sacrifice that is derived from nature but above nature is beneficial to the health of generations after generation. It gradually becomes an inseparable green health partner in life. It is not as famous as the Silk Road, shocking ancient and modern, but she is willing to integrate into a low-key calm posture into the lives of people in all walks of life. Whether it is low-key luxury or ordinary elegance, her temperament and quality are sufficient to conquer any illusions of the designer's integration of health and beauty. Count her quality: natural, low carbon, moisture absorption, antibacterial, comfortable, heat-resistant, environmentally friendly, and UV resistant.

There is a typical enterprise in the land of flax. Its development is precisely the stepping down of the cultural precipitation and the interpretation of the essence of flax. This is the Jiangsu Xinshen Group, which is known as the “Top Ten Flax in China”. From the introduction of flax raw materials to the development and application of a comprehensive range of flax comprehensive products, Xinshen Group adheres to the 100-year corporate vision of “Making the world's flax even more exciting” and based on advanced and sophisticated craftsmanship, completely breaks the fiber-fabric- - Clothing - The single-threaded thinking of home textiles has fully studied the healthy elements in the fine quality of flax, explored the potential new vitality of flax, and made it highly refined and deep-processed. From the initial raw materials, to a full range of applications, clothing, food, housing, and transportation It integrates the characteristics of flax and builds a comprehensive solution for flax-based fabrics.

We look forward to promoting the linen in China and the world under the impetus of the linen culture such as "Ma elements" and the constant promotion of innovation and exploration by Xinshen Group, and completely realize the new application of "making the world's linen even more exciting". Great ideal! By creating a new field of more linen schools, the multi-brand strategic system of linen family is promoted, and the ideal of human-friendly life, which is close to nature and green, is gradually turned into reality through the constant breeding of flax culture.

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