SWJEANS (seven wolves) fashion brand advertising large


SWJEANS, an American-style fashion brand that advocates freedom, openness, overflowing with nature and popularity. SWJEANS originated from the United States fashion capital Southern California - California area. The bright sunshine, pleasant sea breeze, charming palm trees, and rich Indian customs and culture on the coast of California all give SWJEANS the charm of “sunshine, vitality, and sexuality”.

SWJEANS (seven wolves) fashion brand advertising large

SWJEANS (seven wolves) fashion brand advertising large

SWJEANS is a casual brand under the seven wolves . SWJEANS was deeply influenced by the “free culture” of the United States in the late 1960s and incorporated this influence into the brand design concept. It aims to provide a group of people who are eager for a free way of life with branded clothing that focuses on the American style of leisure culture, highlights young people's qualities, and has a strong personality.

SWJEANS not only creates a healthy and energetic fashion image for wearers, but also fully considers Asian body types and strives for a comfortable and stylish wearing experience. The product incorporates the characteristics of American culture, combines the retro design of the old-fashioned effect with the modern fashion, interprets SWJEANS' unique fashion, and incorporates the long-awaited concept of leisure, creating a series of products that are full of youthful vitality.

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