Furniture containing flame retardant may cause cancer


Core Tip: Flame-retardant products should be inspected by inspection agencies engaged in the inspection of the burning performance of flame-retardant products, and the flame-retardant product identification should be applied. Consumers should recognize them when purchasing.

It's a pleasant thing to relax on a sofa after a hard day's work. However, if your sofa contains some harmful substances that can cause cancer or reproductive disorders, I am afraid you will not be happy.

Recently, a recent study by Duke University, published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, shows that in order to prevent fires, some household products made from petroleum extracts are commonly found in sofas, curtains, floor mats, car seats, etc. In the manufacturing process, a flame retardant component called pentabromodiphenyl ether (PentaBD) or tris (phosphoric acid triester) is added, which hinders the development of the nervous system in children and causes cancer. Another study published by Robin Dodson, a researcher at the Silent Springs Association, a non-profit environmental organization in the United States, showed that the dust content of dust in California’s homes has long been Exceeded the safety limit. In 32 different dust samples, she detected 55 different flame retardant compounds, some of which were concentrated enough to cause cancer. These household products will gradually release toxic chemicals, especially when there is a rupture, toxic substances will be "jetted" out, into the dust or sucked into the lungs. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's test report, 85% of the decorative materials on the market already have the characteristics of fire protection. It is not necessary to add these chemicals. Flame retardant is an excessive protection measure.

In China, flame retardants in textiles are also common, mostly used in canvas products, polyester fabrics, etc. According to the National "Fire-fighting Product Labeling Management Measures (Implementation)", fire-retardant products should be inspected by the inspection agency engaged in the testing of the burning performance of flame-retardant products, and the flame-retardant product label should be applied. Consumers should recognize it when purchasing. In addition, it is best to buy household items such as linen or wool, which have refractory properties. When household items are damaged, they should be replaced in a timely manner. Always wipe the dust off at home with a damp cloth. , or use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust; often wash your hands, after touching the household products, you must thoroughly wash your hands and reduce the amount of flame retardant entering the human body.

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