Bamboo wireless mouse


Bamboo wireless mouse With its advantages of health, environmental protection, and green, bamboo products are increasingly being promoted in this society that advocates low-carbon. Now, Jiangxi Pentium Technology has taken the lead in introducing bamboo product technology into the IT product manufacturing process, and quickly brought mature bamboo mouse, keyboard and other IT products to the market. Its MG100-N is such a laptop computer mouse. Let us take a look at this product.

The MG100-N bamboo wireless optical mouse not only looks beautiful and comfortable, but also inherits the advantages of bamboo products that are warm in winter, cool in summer, clean in the environment, and tough and durable. Compared with most mouse products that use plastic fibers as materials, they have Big advantage.

MG100-N bamboo wireless optical mouse adopts symmetrical design, natural carbonized color is elegant and noble, and both right and left hands are applicable. The MG100-N is based on the mainstream 2.4GHz transmission technology and uses two AA size 7 batteries to provide an effective transmission distance of up to 10 meters. The MG100-N provides two-way scroll wheels, supporting up to 2G of acceleration, mouse resolution up to 1500dpi, and more than enough to deal with ordinary FPS games.

The people of our country have always loved bamboo, and they have one of the four gentlemen of "Mei Lan Zhu Ju" and "Mei Song Zhu", one of the three friends of the cold, and so on. Using the MG100-N bamboo wireless optical mouse, you can always feel the pressure of bamboo snow on the thousands of layers, and the unusual style of the wind, so you can enjoy the role of bamboo in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and the protection of eyesight. How can you be wise? Can you miss such a superior mouse product? Immediately visit the official website of Jiangxi Benbu Technology for more details.

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