AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing shopping guide life to do three things


Shopping guide is to take the initiative to guide customers in the purchase direction. That should do in the end how the direction called buy it? In this section I want to focus with you to share AIMISUO · Yi Misuo women joining the store shopping guide work in the end how to do. Because there are some shopping guide always feel very difficult to do shop sales, I do not know how to start to enhance their customer communication skills, there are some bosses are confused: why my home shopping guide is passive stiff, how to make their own shopping guide automatically do the right thing spontaneously What?


In fact, to solve these problems, we must first make AIMISUO · Amy Soleil shopping guide to know what they should do in different stages of the end, or shopping guide at work there will be less than active work, the reaction is not flexible enough, the natural boss and Manager is very headache. Of course, AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store shopping guide to do is not what high-tech things, if you sort out the shopping guide workflow we will find that as long as shopping guide to seize the three key points will make shopping very simple And logical. For the sake of research, here we are specific to a "customer transaction process" point of view, we only need to do and do three things. These three things are:

AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store shopping guide The first thing: take the initiative to explore and product orientation

Some of our AIMISUO · Amy Sullivan shopping guide after the customer into the store too anxious performance, nor to the customer to make inquiries or even know the needs of customers proudly began to introduce AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's products, this may be To introduce to customers what he did not need, natural customer response is very cold. So, I think under normal circumstances, the customer into the store to do their inquiry to understand customer needs and problems is encouraged, at least not too much risk to do this, the specific inquiry how we explore in subsequent chapters.

When AIMISUO · · · · · · · Amy Suo women's clothing store shopping guide to explore the needs of customers, to know the customer's existing problems and psychological needs, then we generally know what the customer needs the function of the product, our store which products to meet customer needs, and In the brain quickly to the functional characteristics of these products, workmanship, product selling point, the price, the number of stocks and market conditions, such as knowledge, so that when you communicate with customers the next time more confident.

As a store sales staff, we must understand: hello to customers must take the initiative to explore and product orientation, this is our AIMISUO Amy Sullivan shopping guide should do the "first thing." If you do not do well or "the first thing" may make the post-sales becomes unnecessary, or make the next sales communication become passive boring.

AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store shopping guide The second thing: take the initiative to promote and guide the experience

Customers do not really just like to listen to the Shopping guide, he also hopes that there are things in his hand, and can also be a full range of perception, so shopping guide and customer to do the pre-demand communication, they should take the initiative and confidence to recommend to their customers for their needs The product, then knot

Clients now brief questions about products. Of course, just introduction is clearly not enough, but also allow customers to experience the details and selling point of our AIMISUO Amy Suo women, only the customer experience more customer feelings of the product will be deeper. You AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store clerks, you have no such experience: Do you think that a section of clothing looks good, simply do not try to understand the situation immediately called shopping guide package. Ladies and Gentlemen, do you usually buy clothes like this? If not, I would like to tell you that in fact, more than 99% of the customers are also buying at the same time. They always like to fully experience and make sure that the product is suitable for themselves before buying. It can be said that the customer "the second thing" well done, direct decision to buy customers do not buy our things.

So, as AIMISUO · Amy Sui women's clothing store sales staff should be clear: If the customer has not yet understood and experience our products, no matter what customer asked any questions, you need to do is deal with the problem subconsciously immediately after the promotion And guide the customer experience. This is AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store shopping guide should do "second thing."

AIMISUO · Amy Suo fashion women's store shopping guide third thing: take the initiative to deal and make good service

Customers may come a few times, he AIMISUO Amy Suo brand women's functional selling point is already very familiar with, but also a pleasant experience, and he raised a variety of objections such as price, quality, style and color are also done Well handled, this time we should think of is how to quickly deal with customers, after all, only the transaction can bring performance.

Therefore, Man AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's franchise sales staff must understand the heart: when the time comes the transaction must be fast and accurate, this is our final task, but also we should most like to do the most "third Things. "

AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store shopping guide "three things" have a certain logical order, but not static, and sometimes according to the stage where customers can flexibly cycle adjustment. However, "inquiry - Experience - Deal" is our AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing store terminal shopping guide three basic actions, but also three stages of work goals. Shopping guide must firmly grasp the "three things" to do, and finally step by step to guide customers to the checkout, and this fits my shopping guide in the previous section of the new definition: Shopping guide - take the initiative to guide customers to North Korea The direction of the purchase.

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