Analysis of the method of website doing Google optimization


[China Glass Network] One: It is very important to optimize the title of the webpage. For example, the website of the webmaster must be set up. You may feel it is OK, but the search engine is Not so think, the title keyword layout should be reasonable, you want the search engine to understand what your website is doing, admin5 is a big station, not much to say, as long as you have this awareness: that is to let others directly Enter your URL to access, instead of visiting every day by search!

Two: title and description, although the optimization effect of these two places on Google is not very obvious, but I think it is necessary to set up, and these two places are also very easy to set, to put the main keywords in front, this Because the spider is caught from the top down!

Three: The layout and density of the homepage keywords are very important. Let's start from the top. Every website has a home. If you are doing a foreign trade website for shoes, then you can set your home as a shoes home. This can highlight the key words you push, and the other is to make good use of it.

This identifier! In addition to making a sitemap on XML, you can use the keyword density tool to analyze the keyword density of your website. The density value analysis website will prompt you according to your website. If you can pass W3C certification, then explain your website. Have been recognized by international standards, if not, they will also tell you how to modify and optimize until passed!

Four: How to optimize the external chain, when the time to release the external chain is more reasonable, I have seen many articles saying that when the search engine index page reaches 100 pages, the chain will start to be sent, if it is less than 100 pages before it is reached. Or, if you want the search engine to think that you are cheating, you can send 30 external links every day in the early stage of website construction, and then you can continue to increase the external chain as you continue to increase the number of entries. After a month you will find that the construction of the outer chain is quite good!

Five: Exchange links This is also very important, the link can be divided into black and white chains, of course, there are links to exchange, the black chain is very cheap, the white chain is more expensive, and the links exchanged are generally However, I suggest that you do not do black chain, especially for foreign trade websites, and then you can do a little white chain, the exchange is generally not high, where is the same kind of website!

Six: Submit the directory, this is very keyword, this directory is a bit like the domestic yellow pages, if you can let Amazon can include your website, then congratulations!

Seven: The information added by the product is not required to be fast. You can get a lot of information in one day, but you have to hand it one by one. At the same time, you should describe the product well. The more detailed, the better. If you don't have this patience, then this website. Optimization will be hard to succeed!

Eight: That is to constantly repeat the above optimization, optimizing the website is a wave of forward, only the constant persistence can make the successful big waves on the beach!