Very Story autumn set off the most fashionable 2013 popular style


Summer has been into the heat, the fall will be far behind? In the fall, the first impression is the autumn, not as hot as the summer, this time dressed and slowly move closer to the Autumn, and learn clever mix, choose clothing, the fashion into autumn, it becomes Many love beauty, love fashion, love personality MM who are the focus of attention. And how to make beauty of the autumn you become "pretty" point? Very Story autumn, re-interpretation of a new generation of active in the fashion city image of women, fashion advocates, demonstrate capable, handsome, pretty new generation of women's fashion charm.

非常物语秋装 掀起2013最时尚流行风

In terms of design style, it does not belong to Japanese, Korean series, but has its own unique minimalist urban fashion style. Among them, among the diversified elements of design, we grasp the trend of leading the general trend, and on the basis of maintaining the minimalist style and urban fashion style, differentiate and subtly apply different fabrics, design techniques and styles, enriching and diversifying styles And strive to achieve the perfect combination of design and fashion, to create a colorful visual feast clothing.

Of course, there is no shortage of sweet lady series of clothing, in order to meet the sweet beauty of the United States Department of MM demand, interpretation of a new generation of lively and innocent, the pursuit of bright fresh feeling, so casual with a little elegant charm, lace, lace, let MM bloom Princess sweet temperament image, showing the softness of a new generation of women. It is precisely because of the excellent quality of Moonwalker, the public price, and the trend-setting style, which set off the fashion trend of 2013 and received a warm welcome from many new-generation young white-collar workers and university students to show beauty and lifestyles attitude.

非常物语秋装 掀起2013最时尚流行风

Its main autumn products are windbreaker, jackets, pants based products, supplemented by sweaters, dresses, sweaters, shirts, etc., the color is the most popular season of the color theme, simple and colorful outline of fashion taste, Through the designer elegant, romantic design techniques, the introduction of many fashionable styles. For example, fluffy doll collar cute and sweet, with a unique sleeve design, showing the princess version of the noble sense of style, black bow design is conducive to shaping the waist shape, with a bowknot headdress fresh and lovely.

Long white coat to create a workplace style, with a black dress, black tights and black bag simple neat, hair ball pendant gives a gentle and sweet feeling; blue jacket with gray pleated skirt, a slightly With a conservative combination, but this combination with wine color shirt and socks, revealing a kind of self-personality, and thus become more bright ...

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