The quality of sapphire determines its value


Sapphire has a lot of origin, does this affect its value?

The quality of sapphire determines its value

Hu Xuenian: The main producing areas of sapphire are Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India Kashmir, Australia, and Shandong, China. The final quality is determined by the value of sapphire, but the quality of sapphire varies from place to place.

Among the sapphire, the best is the "corner" sapphire produced in the Indian-controlled Kashmir region. It has always been hailed as the best of the sapphire. It presents a sinuous purple color with a hint of purple. With a velvety look. This sapphire is produced in an alpine region at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level. It has been extensively mined since 1861 and officially discontinued in 1887. It is extremely rare and of extraordinary value.

Myanmar is also an important producer of sapphire. The difference between Kashmiri and Ceylon sapphire is that the color of Burmese sapphire is relatively vivid and presents a slightly purple electro-optic blue. Because the royal family regards it as the most elegant representative, this color is generally called "Royal Blue."

More than a decade ago, sapphire produced in Changle, Shandong, China, was also popular for some time. Changle sapphire has a large size, but the fatal wound is generally blue and black. Although the black color will be lightened after heat treatment, the color is not as strong as the sapphire produced in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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