Love without quarter store celebrate the special report of unity Road shop


~ Shop basic information ~

Manager: Ray Jun Ya

Shop: Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Habitat Village Unity Village on the 2nd on the 2nd floor shops

Area: 132㎡

Opening hours: January 29, 2013

Performance: 2013 love season sales competition champion.

Shop Features: Display positioning accuracy, goods ratio in place

Tuanlun Road shop is a love-free season is a love-free season in 2013 to achieve love without season when the rapid growth of 300 stores in the brand shop. For this store, you can use the "rising star" to describe the face of the proud performance of predecessors stores and the success of the exploration, did not stumble, but well versed in the terminal store operating skills, good at learning Dongfeng shop and shop Some of the strengths, and actively cooperate with the headquarters, timely adjustment of the key elements of their own shops.

Trolley shop to come to the most intuitive feeling is that one size fits all, vigorous and resolute, from finishing the exhibition and active hospitality can be reflected. There are 8 salespeople in the 132 ㎡ store at Tuanjie Road, which turns in two shifts. Every morning, 8:30 staff into the store to organize the display and store image, inventory of goods, 9:00 officially open. 3-5 times a week display major, the store partition clear, the style of block distribution, divided into men and women in two regions, women are divided into Europe and the United States, pastoral, ladies, leisure 4 area 8 sections, divided into men Business casual, trendy men's, sports and leisure 6 sections. The first impression into the store is a clear level, the goal is clear, so that greatly facilitates the sales of the same style of color store sales staff to follow-up sales, improve the single volume and even single volume.

As the backbone of a new generation of love-free shops, unity store interpretation of the store's vitality and flexible response. For the operation and management of the store, the store pattern strictly complies with the normalized management of the headquarters for the subdivision. Through the flexible use of the non-season ERP system, it actively contacts with the warehouse center and other stores for feedback, and dispatches goods efficiently and promptly. So as to win fast in action and realize win-win situation with other love-free shops by optimizing the allocation of resources.

Love unlined garment entrepreneurial dreams because love without season through the hard work accumulated over the past seven years, the exclusive resources of goods, advanced ERP shop management system and professional operational analysis team, because the trust can work together without love season glorious. Love season without unity road shop is such an example, 2013 and later to follow the growth of love without season shops will be such a success, a 1: 1 whole shop output, a set of scientific management mode, a group of experienced people without love , To help you achieve the ideal of creating wealth.

I wish no season unite Road shop morale Changhong, a new success!

- Love without Jidian shop celebrate the unity of the road shop special report period 02

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