【Kai Shi Fen】 Do not cover their own heart and spring and summer 2014 new conference ended


September 15, 2013, may be an ordinary day, but for Kai Shi-fei's family, this is an extraordinary moment, unforgettable insights. A concept show featuring "Nei" was staged at Asia China Television Studio 3 with nearly 500 outstanding distributors, terminal franchisees, peer friendly enterprises, professional media and mass media from all over the country And experience this art feast.


The show floor is set in a quadrilateral building. The wall is equipped with a long window for watching performances. Before the start, the window is labeled "Temporarily closed inside!" When the show started, it really opened my heart. Spectators watch the exterior of the Quartet, and the models enter the inner box from one side of the door. When 12 beautiful beauties are dressed in Kai Shi-fen underwear products, they seem to be telling a heart-thirst, bloom A real inner world ......




There are totally six performances in the whole performance: the first act: the video "find the heart" and the "static"; the second act: the first series of clothing "static"; the third act: the video " Video "Original" third series of clothing; fifth act: video "Chu Xin" fourth series of clothing; sixth act: video "Goddess image." Beautiful, this is not a show, is a purely artistic creation. This is not a simple underwear works, this is China's underwear industry's "exception."

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