Natural Crystal Jewelry Selection Tips


Natural Crystal Jewelry Selection Tips To see the choice of materials: excellent selection of crystal products. Star-shaped, cloud-like and floc-like gas-liquid inclusions should not be seen. The texture is pure, smooth, and shiny. If there are cracks and spots with different shades, it is a defective product.

Workmanship: Crystal products are divided into two processes, namely grinding and carving. Such as crystal necklace, bracelet. Earrings, etc., belong to grinding products; ç š sound images, inner paintings, pots, etc. are engraving products. A well-crafted crystal product should be refined, not only can fully demonstrate the external beauty of the crystal product (styling, style, symmetry, etc.), but also can maximize the excavation of its inner beauty "crystal, smart color."

Look at the polishing: the quality of the polishing directly affects the worth of the crystal product. Crystals in the processing process must be made of corundum rough grinding production will make the surface of the crystal traces of friction. Good crystal products will be more transparent and better than others, and they are called “fire heads” in jargon.

Look at the hole: For the wearing of crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, beads), depends on whether the hole is appropriate, whether the thickness of the hole is symmetrical, with or without small cracks. The hole must be clear and transparent, no "white marks".

Look at color: Even in the same type of crystal, its different parts of the grave, color, style also have a thousand people. Monochromatic, to uniform color' in the same piece of crystal with shade, it requires its color, beautiful lines generous.

Look at coordination: When you buy crystal jewelry, you should try on it and see its size. Elasticity, length. If it is inlaid ornaments, see if it is tight, Zhou Zheng and coordination and unity. It should also be noted whether the style and color of the crystal jewelry are in harmony with their body, skin color, face and clothing.

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