How to prevent home textiles from falling off


How to prevent home textiles from falling off The first move: pickling method. Need raw materials: vinegar.

It is mainly aimed at brightly colored bedding such as red or purple. The plan is to add some ordinary vinegar to the water before washing them. Soak for a while!

If you can often wash bedding like this, you can be sure that the color of the bedding is clean and new!

The second move: anti-drying method.

This method is the most commonly used, especially for some dark bedding. The method is very simple. It is to dry the bedding in reverse. Here we must remind you that most fabric bedding cannot be directly exposed to the sun, because the ultraviolet rays are the main culprit for bedding. Therefore, it is necessary not only to dry in the opposite direction, but Jinlin places it on a dry, dark place where it is protected from light and air.

This method is more suitable for cotton fabrics. The method is to first wash the bedding according to the conventional method, rinse it, then add a few drops of toilet water in the clean water, and then soak the cleaned bedding in such water for ten minutes. Beddings that have been washed in this way also have the effect of disinfecting and disinfecting sweat.

The third measure: brine immersion method. Need raw materials: salt.

The most suitable for the color of the bedding, the effect is very flexible. Newly-recovered bedding To prevent discoloration, soak in brine for the first half hour before the first launch, and then follow the normal method of washing. If there is still a slight discoloration, you can bathe in brackish water for 10 minutes before each water wash. In the long run, the bedding will never fade!

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