Functional counterpart fabric customers favor


This spring, the functional fibers listed in China Textile City are the same as ordinary textile fabrics. They have the features of soft texture, good air permeability, comfortable wear, and washing resistance. At the same time, they also have good waterproof, fireproof, antifouling, and dustproof properties. Radiation protection, anti-static function. These functional fabrics not only allow companies to obtain greater sales, attract more merchants, and their product profit margins are more than a dozen times higher than the original conventional varieties.

Green environmental protection, functional raw materials and advanced textile processing technologies have made different textiles have stable and extraordinary quality. At the same time, it has also changed the style of fabric appearance. The combination of new fiber and advanced textile processing technology has also become a major trend, not only improving the green environmental performance of the fabric, but also increasing the added value of the product.

In the recent market, the production of high-grade men's and women's blouses and summer short-sleeved shirts for spring and summer seasons, and some natural cloths and hemp fabrics for loose trousers, as well as large-scale salesrooms, have increased, and the number of listed products has increased. See you big. Pure ramie varieties printed with pure cotton yarn and ramie weaving and natural linen were ordered by counterpart garment manufacturers and trading companies. Source: Shaoxing County Newspaper Author: Jiangjian Ren