How to wear sweaters are men and women are not taste less warm it


Men of the title, is the unanimous pursuit of many men. Admittedly, becoming a man is a lifelong career for every fashion man, just being a warm man is starting to become imminent as it is just a matter of type that has not moved your goddess anymore. A month later (November 11), you still want to keep bachelor Is it festival? Do not want to, together with the type it, there is more to warm up oh. Here, Xiao Bian's small benevolence but also ready to come out to give you a trick, spicy is to put on your love sweater it! Warm sweater, can make you look warmer, when you look like a warm man, you are not far from the warm section of the type of models are not far! Which a sweater will be more suitable for this handsome? Do not have to tangle this issue, whether it is a round neck, collar, or cardigan, Xiaobian properly find out for you, to streaks or printing, the son just to the major Aden Fort Terminal store experience, it will be able to find love it. Now, look at all kinds of ride together. Round neck sweater Round neck sweater is the most frequently appeared in a style, general instructions must have, style, although no special color, but as long as the careful clever take, it will be able to wear out the taste of your love. As shown below, take a shirt inside the sweater, through the shirt collar (or with a delicate bow tie) to increase the overall level with the sense of hierarchy, just right. So this case, the shirt button buckle buckle it? Usually buckle buckle the case of the whole, whether the collar exposed or can create more Sven's college style, open 1 to 2 buttons and pull out the collar is more able to show the feeling of Xing Xing, depending on personal preference or It is attendance occasion. Stand collar sweater collar slightly stand up collar sweater, always gives a little sense of fortitude, the upper body is both men elegant side, but also revealed the male qualities. With the same round neck sweater, stand-up sweater can also be worn with the shirt, if the weather is not very cold, then the proposal can be worn alone, because slightly exposed neck lines, maybe you can take for your type Oh points. Whether streak color stitching class or solid color class, just a casual trousers, you can handsome out of the street. Cardigan Cardigan Sweater not only elegant and stylish, you can also show your good figure, after all, only a little muscle man can pull up the cardigan jacket. Do not have to worry about the cardigan is to show the characteristics of women's clothing, as long as well dressed, it is the same men's fashion essential. In the mix, as shown, do not bother you at all, because either inside or pants, it is not difficult.

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