Everyone who is fascinated by the literary dreams!


Among the many wenwan objects, many people love Vajra Bodhi. Every day, the daily changes, surprises, surprises, and the rosy after playing to the extreme, it is really addictive.

The first players don't know what kind of King Kong should be chosen. Many people think that playing King Kong is nothing more than a disk, brushing, and it's fine. You don't have to care about King Kong's lines, style, quality, but is this really the case?

Every time I see my friends around me, the Donkey in my hands, the feeling of envy and hatred is hard to say.

The quality of the leather is the most important!

Then there is the choice of lines. So how should King Kong play?

After choosing a small diamond we like, it is recommended to have more seed preparation, 120-130 is the best, then the color difference and bad seeds can be replaced in the future. The previously known ashes players have 2 or even 3 pieces together. If you can, try this.

The next thing we have to do is to brush! ! ! I believe that everyone must have heard of "three-point, seven-point brush", such an old saying. All in all, whether it is from choosing King Kong to playing King Kong, it is not a simple process. King Kong is changing every day, and every day will surprise us.

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