KM Brand: "Cold City" is not "cold", "ice" trick


The dilemma of traditional clothing retail industry has no need to use data to demonstrate. Inadequate economic environment, electricity supplier price war bombing, inflow of foreign trade products, rising raw material costs, including human resources, the rise in the price of the facade, etc., so that the original embarrassing situation become even more frustrated. According to the relevant information, the existing stock of Chinese garment enterprises is enough to nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people wear three years, internal restructuring and market strategy adjustments become the first garment enterprises need to be resolved. In the past to play marketing, crazy speculation, take the high-end high-priced market model has not been accepted by consumers. In addition, the traditional garment enterprises due to the level of chain too much, the shipowners arrogance, can not be short-term "attitude reduction" take the parity line, therefore, can only watch the loss of customers, which is why off tide constantly set off. If shopping malls such as the battlefield, some people win to win the emerging fast fashion brand KM, enter the market in the worst of the time, in a short period of large and small stores in China, second and second tier cities, even if the market slump, KM so far have no A shop closed, business booming, affirmed by many young people. KM in the end what is why the major brands in the market have sing bad when the vast number of smart consumers willing to pull out their pockets to pay? Sink down, before they float to the past physical retail through the "imitation-type" a large number of manufacturing products, with the number Occupy the market, like the famous instant noodles advertising phrase "someone imitate my face, someone imitate my face", but simple imitation without personality. However, with the rapid development of the Internet today, consumers are struggling to follow suit and pursue more personalization and diversification. KM was able to do so willing to pay consumers pay package, is that it has done two sinking, one global fashion universal; the second is to remove the complicated middle part of the business and personal connections, quality assurance at the same time The price of the people, so that the industry the lowest price. Fashion, quality, price three are indispensable fashion blind pursuit of the past is not the past, Chinese consumers are now slowly have a mature taste, know how to communicate with each other, learn to compare products, and reach a consensus to any one brand Labeling, whether the quality of the price match with the price, design style "rustic" or "fashionable" are well aware. KM and the international first-line brand factories in-depth cooperation, the world's large-scale procurement of raw materials strategy, and actively adopt the latest scientific and technological achievements, through large-scale signing, the price will be minimized while improving product quality, so that consumers enjoy the more technology, Comfortable product experience; on the fashion, the main northern European style KM is the joint world famous designer for a draft, a large number of buyers to attend major fashion venues, the first time collecting the most popular elements, communicate with designers and These elements are integrated with the brand's characteristics and eventually quickly reach the market. Now, KM stores have been all over Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Dalian, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places. Whether in the mall, city business center, or pedestrian street, KM stores are surging, impressive performance. Deep plowing consumer demand, timely cater to market changes, the brand management return to the essence of the product, which is KM fast fashion brand quickly captured a lot of consumers heart of the secret bar.


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