Warmly congratulate Beauty Island brand underwear 2014 winter training session ended successfully


Thanksgiving winter, with the pace of winter, in order to help you old and new franchisees to occupy the market share in winter 2014, a better grasp of the winter market, specially developed three training and learning yesterday December 18 successfully completed.


November 27: Business district analysis, shop location and day-to-day management of shop fine management


December 9: Market positioning of the chain stores, the benefits of decoration at the end of the store, and the ability of managers of the store's fine management


December 18: Frenzied Sales Tips Fourteen Data Analysis of Successful Sales Stores in Shops, Promotions and Shops Fine Management

This training session, invited to the beauty island franchisee and eager to open a new world in the underwear industry, friends learn to explore and promote beauty Island underwear brand new look.

The success of the first two courses, the 12.18 course to the climax, the morning of the 18th Liu Island in the island of the actual operation of the store to explain: how to display, how to do promotional activities. Members of the old and new franchisees have said that they have benefited greatly from the fact that the practicality of training is very strong and the training will be very satisfactory.


Beauty Island bright brand image and a wealth of product categories is to win more franchisee of all ages and praise. Its two high-end brand with: "Romantic Island" series of the main low-end market; "close" series main high-end market, two series of underwear from 19-199 yuan price range; wide coverage and fully meet To join the customer a shop a one-stop product management needs, price positioning modest, locking the mainstream consumer groups, terminal stores catch the largest source of tourists, to maximize profitability, easy to open a store surplus shop.


Ladies and gentlemen, the enthusiasm for lectures in the morning session, continuous, PM in the afternoon, the company headquarters of the Department of Operations Manager Wu on the shop management 14 data analysis, the boss, the boss take notes, carefully listen to the attitude of like back to the student era, after the end of the course The small test not only set the classroom atmosphere completely, but also deepen the knowledge learned by the curriculum. Manager Wu relaxed and rigorous course, let us in the pleasant atmosphere of growth and harvest.


In recent years, Beauty Island brand to join the obvious trend, the spirit of "parity, fashion, comfort, quality" concept, Beauty Island is warm and thoughtful service and high quality underwear products, and gradually occupy the Chinese brand underwear market! !

Beauty Island to achieve such impressive results, can not do without the recognition and praise partners, but also reflects the beauty of the popular island fashion underwear can not resist the momentum of development, let us efficiently manage the business model, the best quality to meet underwear brand Joined the vigorous development of the cause.

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