Tassel casual men's shoes show England elegant leisure


This site on May 10, 2012 spring and summer, the most elements of the shoes will have to mention tassels! Nowadays, men's pursuit of fashion trends is getting higher and higher, want to be a real type of man, and How can you miss these English-style fringed casual shoes? Whether it is mature black or playful blue, can be perfectly combined with tassel design, the performance of the unique characteristics of men. Now and Xiao Bian together to appreciate the most eye-catching fashion men's casual shoes now!

Fashion men's shoes 1
This lofty pointy loafers with fringe feature a full British flavor.
Fashion men's shoes 2

The suede material also expands the practicality of tassels.
Fashion men's shoes 3

With narrow leg pants, twill slim cotton pants or suit hanging pants, you can perfectly highlight your casual casual casual taste.
Fashion men's shoes 4

As a basic part of the mix, practical and stylish.

Fashion men's shoes 5
It's best not to cover your feet with your pants. It's best to roll up.
Fashion men's shoes 6

Trousers fit as much as possible taboos too loose, there are thick feet, children's shoes fat feet will be carefully selected, will fully expose the shortcomings of foot thick.
Fashion men's shoes 7

When choosing, try to choose the style with few elements and concise, do not drag a lot of water to hang on the upper.

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