Hong Kong Yan Lin fashion women take the development of women's brand


Hong Kong Yan Lin Fashion (International) Co., Ltd. is a design, planning, procurement, production and sales as one of the high-end women's fashion clothing brand . "Protect the ecological environment and advocate green consumption" is the company's persistent concept in the face, accessories, depending on the product quality of life for the enterprise, adhere to the quality win, with high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy product quality to win the trust of customers and the industry Praise, "YINLIM Yan Lin," also formally adopted by the China General Administration of Fiber and Fiber Quality Supervision and Inspection Center "eco-textiles" certification.

香港妍琳时尚女装 走女装品牌发展之道

Since its establishment in 2001, it has been adhering to the design philosophy of "providing perfect dress for every fashion woman seeking perfection", adhering to the corporate philosophy of "people-oriented, product-oriented and continuous innovation", rich enterprise management and marketing strategy. The increasingly competitive apparel market occupies a leading position. Companies adhering to the brand development path to product-based, reasonable formulation of brand promotion ideas. The company after six years of hard work, now has hundreds of franchise and sales outlets, all over the country, in the city, south to Yunnan and other places, west of Xinjiang and other places, and the three northeastern provinces of Anshan, Dandong and other places, has been Maintain good momentum.

香港妍琳时尚女装 走女装品牌发展之道

"YINLIM Yanlin" will always uphold the "elegant, stylish, simple, elegant" design concept, integration of the United States, Italy and other fashion elements, the brand style that contains the American-style fashion, generous, but also publicized the Italian Elegant, noble, interpretation of the white-collar fashion and self-confidence. A hard work, a harvest, "YINLIM Yan Lin" with its unique peace and stability in the women's market continues to rapidly develop, and achieved gratifying results.

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