Six impacts of twistless yarn on the shape of knitted fabric


The influence of flawless cotton yarn on the properties of knitted fabrics has both advantages and disadvantages. After analysis, there are six aspects that affect the traits of knitted fabrics.

1. Influence on the weft of weft knitting: the twisting direction of the yarn twist is properly matched with the knitting machine, which can eliminate or reduce the weft. After the yarn is not twisted, the weft will increase, and the whole finishing must be increased. Weft strength.

2. Influence on the performance of the wet-laid knitted fabric: If the outer layer of the cotton-covered double-knitted fabric is changed to the non-twisted yarn, the capillary equivalent radius of the yarn increases, and the additional pressure difference of the water flowing from the inner layer to the outer layer The decrease leads to a decrease in moisture permeability.

3. Influence on the volumetric quality of knitted fabrics: Within a certain range, the volumetric mass of the yarn increases with the increase of the twist factor, and the influence will be reduced when it exceeds a certain range. The volumetric quality of the crepe-free yarn is smaller than that of the same type of crepe, which is beneficial to reduce the quality of the fabric. The crepe-free yarn is worn or flattened in the fabric, which increases the fluffiness and coverage factor of the fabric, and increases the air content in the fabric. The warmth of the fabric is especially suitable for the production of velvet fabrics.

4. Influence on the luster and hand of the knitted fabric: The gloss feel of the knitted fabric depends on the texture of the fabric and the properties of the yarn used. The feel of the yarn depends on the texture of the fabric and the properties of the yarn. The feel and gloss of the yarn depend on the surface layer. The degree of inclination of the fiber to the yarn axis is soft if the yarn is parallel to the yarn axis. The crepe-free knit fabric is comparable in gloss and hand to cotton knitwear treated with double-filament (light) double-burning (hair).

5. Effect on the flatness resistance of knitted fabrics: The abrasion resistance of the fabric depends on its structure and the wear resistance of the yarn. The wear resistance of the yarn depends on its structure and the wear resistance of the constituent fibers. The crepe-free fabric is fluffy, the support surface is large when the flat grinding is performed, and the fibers in the yarn are resistant to friction at the same time. Therefore, the flat abrasion resistance is more than twice that of the crepe fabric of the same type.

6. Influence on other properties: The pressure between the fibers without crepe is small, the gap is large, and the resistance to air flow is small, so the fabric has good air permeability. Due to the large inter-fiber voids, it is advantageous to enter the dyeing solution to increase the dye uptake rate.

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