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Haijia Shi brand apparel, casual fashion and the combination of traditional Chinese classic, with feminine design elements, simple, soft. It shows that urban women are eager for romance and nostalgia for the unique taste of innocence. The pursuit of simplicity and fashion in the design resonates with elegance, innocence and aestheticism. Currently Haijia Shi brand stores have been all over the coastal provinces and cities, franchise stores have reached more than 50. Hai Jia Shi Clothing Co., Ltd, a combination of fashion and traditional Chinese classic leisure, with the feminine design elements, simple, soft. Main types of women's shirts, women's jackets, sweaters, skirts / dresses, women's pants, women's windbreaker, women's cotton, women's coats, down jackets and other high-end fashion brand discount women's clothing, its products have been vast Female friends pro-gaze.

加盟海嘉仕品牌服饰 专业造就品质

FOSHAN ZHONGYI FASHION CO., LTD is a professional apparel sales company which integrates e-commerce, wholesale and retail, agent joining and direct chain sales in a diversified business model. Its main products are women's wear, women's wear, women's wear with brand discount, Korean women and other women's wholesale to join. Located in Shunde, one of the four famous towns in Guangdong Chencun town, where convenient transportation, economic development, logistics network perfect. In just six months the company has opened in the Pearl River Delta region has more than 10 outlets. Haijia Shi brand implementation of the professional management mode, the use of scientific and flexible direct marketing and franchising business strategy, formed a integrity, efficient, innovative and cohesive management team. In all aspects with the customer to understand and communicate, the store inside and outside the image, as well as the layout of product display elements, sales skills training, etc., to provide special, area, specialized services.

加盟海嘉仕品牌服饰 专业造就品质

The company's flagship brand HYCLASS and Sangka, the product brings together the domestic high-end well-known women's brand, with its strategic alliance, the original retail price of the brand mostly in 200-1000 yuan / piece (sets) or so, while the company's retail price control on average 40-250 yuan / piece (sets) or so, and the goods and the brand listed the shortest time only 20 days, compared with the original brand, inexpensive, ultra-low discount, with a strong competitive advantage, which in a very low investment Under the risk of achieving stable and generous benefits, your investment can be quickly rewarded. Companies in "good faith management, customer first, quality first, you make money, I development," the business principle.

Women who like a shoulder bag show a kind of pursuit of quality everywhere. They consider the problem more comprehensive and rational, which is a rational person with both content and form. Will not be affected by the emotional, very strong minded. At the juncture of decision making, it is often considerate and careful. But the powerful aura that gives out can shock people around.

Women who prefer single Shoulder Bags are usually simple and natural. Like "black and white ash", and can control freely, will not be covered by color to personality.

Although one-shoulder bags are one of women's favorite, there are still many men's one-shoulder bags on the market. Of course, men's single shoulder bag is mainly business and leisure.

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