Kakayu House 2012 "Snow love agreement" winter new product release and ordering guidance will be successfully concluded


Cultrue Bursts Out Bursts Beijing - Kakayu House 2012 Winter Snow Announcement and Order Announcement Ceremony for Winter Love Announcement Comes to a Closure May 23, 2012 Kakayu House Winter Winter Announcement and Ordering Announcement Conference 2012 At the headquarters of the company Solemnly held, the agents from all provinces and autonomous regions and senior managers of Cage House came together to discuss the operational details and process specifications of the winter ice-cream release and ordering ceremony for the 2012 Ice Love Convention to be held in Beijing in June Wait. At the meeting, Ranji Li, manager of the brand department of Kakaye House, made a detailed summary analysis of all the work done in the orders of Emei Mountain in the past March according to the information replied by the customers and promised to the agent of the whole country that the Qiajiawu will order from the earlier stage Ordering will publicity, hotels choose to order the period of the conference, reception, training, investment exchange, catwalk stage design, exhibition layout and other aspects of improvement and innovation, and in the meeting stressed the order card Kaya House invited CCTV More than 100 well-known media to the scene tracking reports and after the publicity. Brand Manager Ran Manager will introduce the details of the process of ordering process It is understood that the Kaka House The order will also invite the China Fashion Designers Association Professional Model Committee chairman, the father of Chinese models - Zhang ship as the new dynamic creative catwalk planning, Stage design, layout, chief executive, and served as the director of the entire catwalk. Kaki House children's fashion in the wind blowing waves of determination is evident. Ni total summed up at the meeting general manager of Nike Kikuchi Mr. Ni Congjing concluded at the meeting: "Kachinka 2012" Ice Love Agreement "winter new product release and ordering will subvert the precedent of the previous orders will be, Kach House growth Because of your support and cooperation, here I wish this order will be held smoothly, let us join hands in creating a gorgeous record card house, together to create Kagaya's fashion myth! At the end of the business license, he presented awards to outstanding agents who stood out in the multi-day general assembly in recognition of and encouragement. Inheritance and carry forward many days to learn the knowledge of Chinese learning, Kakinya Corporation, including Ni, including all the staff, including all the provinces and regions to thank the long-term support and trust of agents in the corporate aisle and stand side by side, bow to bid farewell to them . Kakayu replies to his family in a "grateful" way, expressing his gratitude to his family members who have grown together for a long time. Kaki House 2012 Winter New Product Announcement and Order Promotion will be held successfully thanks to this continuation. Kaki House farewell family scene National General Assembly photos of the meeting The victory of the declaration will be held in Beijing in June Kagaya held in Beijing in 2012, "Ice Love Agreement" winter new product release and order will be established, I believe in all the agents, distributors, franchisees and Guangzhou City, Kakya Fashion Co., Ltd. all the staff work together, Kakaya Road to the future will be broader and more smooth, becoming China's first fashion children Brand just around the corner!

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