Distin Kidny women's clothing across the geographical fashion


Distin Kidny is Italian, meaning "unique and unique";
"Distin Kidny" is a famous original designer brand created by domestic designers, uphold the noble artistic personality of Italy, promote the original design of clothing;
Distin Kidny believes that everyone is unique;
"Distin Kidny" advocates for the Chinese modern women to provide unique and unique personalized art women's clothing .


"DistinKidny ( Di Siting Kay )" brand positioning is conscious and fully demonstrated the leading trend of urban women live entertainment, business casual fashion sense to dress clothing as the carrier spread the concept and way of life, become much more than cultural, geographical span fashion.

Distin Kidny  品牌女装  跨越地域的时尚

The company adheres to the principle of DistinKidny and endeavors to create an outstanding brand name that will bring DistinKidny costumes to people who demonstrate outstanding style and stylish elegance .

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