Home textile life encyclopedia


Home textile products are called “soft decoration” in the decoration of the living room, which plays a decisive role in the construction and environmental transformation. The brand home textile Baojiao Home Textiles offers you a small encyclopedia of home textile life, which makes your life more harmonious and more beautiful.

Home textile life encyclopedia

Household textiles can generally be divided into towels (towels, bath towels, beach towels, floor towels), quilts (sheets, bedspreads, duvet covers, etc.), blankets (various types of blankets, carpets, carpets, tapestries), par (handkerchiefs), belts ( Tassels, trims, etc.), curtains (various curtains, baths, etc.), bags (letter inserts, clothes bags, storage bags), kitchen (tablecloths, napkins, bibs, cleaning towels) fabric sofas and all kinds of cushions, etc. class.

Consumers should first pay attention to brands, raw materials (such as fiber components), environmental factors (such as dyes) when purchasing home textiles, rather than price and style. Manufacturers should also indicate the correct method of use and washing method when indicating raw materials and dyes. The most commonly used raw materials for household textiles are cotton, hemp, other natural fibers, polyester-cotton fibers and other synthetic fibers.

Quality home textiles do not fade even after repeated washings and long-term exposure to sunlight. Some dyes in unqualified textiles can cause cancer. Therefore, light-white products should be used for covered bedding, and non-fading products should be used for other household textiles. In children's textiles, such as children's bedspreads, blankets, bedding, etc., the most suitable materials are cotton and plain.

The most suitable functions for the use of textiles are: bedding should have antibacterial function, sofa cloth should have antifouling function, curtains should be able to prevent ultraviolet rays, and textiles in public places such as hotels should have flame retardant function. Too high formaldehyde content in textiles can irritate human mucosal tissue. Therefore, attention should be paid to the formaldehyde content when using non-ironing products. Green textiles are not green-colored textiles, but ecological textiles, that is, textiles that are harmless or harmless to the surrounding environment and that make rational use of raw materials that are harmless to human health. However, natural fiber fabrics are not necessarily green textiles.

Towels, sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases are prone to mites. Aphids not only produce rosacea, but are also a sensitive source of asthma. Therefore, towels, bed sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases should be washed and changed frequently. Generally, it is better to change once a week. Textile products in public places such as hotels should be changed and disinfected every day.

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