Ya Geme Dai brand women do self-confidence woman


Hangzhou Ya Gemeidai boutique discount womens long-term and more than a thousand domestic brands of women's clothing company alliance, brought together the Shanghai School (Hangzhou), Wimbledon (Wenzhou), Wuhan School (Wuhan), Beijing School Outstanding brand women of the six schools of Guangdong (Guangdong), are fashion women with 18 ~ 45 years of age. Their eye-catching and personalized styles are flexible and free-flowing. The casual and fashionable style extends the modern fashion to women , High quality, medium price.

安宝儿 - Anboa


Ya Gemei Dai for more modern urban fashion women easily have, let you put it down. Hangzhou Ya Geme Dai brand discount women in the "seasonal fashion, value for money," the business principle of the boutique ladies price drop in the end.