Disney children's clothing replenishment skills and processes


Shops such as the battleground goods, goods like our guns and bullets. As store supervisor, we should know how to make reasonable use of limited space and funds in stores, control reasonable inventory according to the sales, replenish marketable products in time, and make sure that sales of inappropriate products are not overstocked. L inventory concept: 1, inventory management - with the minimum input guaranteed maximum output, under normal circumstances, to ensure adequate goods, Qi Qi code, not a backlog of reasonable; 2, inventory weeks - refers to the inventory available for sale ; 3, the security period - for some inventory weeks low goods, the budget cycle to be returned. Clear the number of weekly replenishment and goods transit time (ie transit time), the company's existing shops at least once a week to arrange replenishment, the farthest calculation about 5 days to arrive, so stock week at least 1-2 Week for the safety of the goods, you can ensure that the goods continue Color code. Example: A shop replenishment every Friday 1, about 4 days to reach the store goods, the store sales of 12 models a week, we have to analyze the safe inventory of the paragraph: Under normal circumstances when the replenishment of at least 12 Pieces of goods before they can ensure that the restocking of goods in the shop has not reached 12 to ensure the sale of 4 days, during which will not break the code. l store manager must make daily sales analysis, weekly - for the whole week of sales and inventory analysis, the top 20 and the next 20 big analysis, put forward the purchase, return and promotion of rationalization proposals. * Analysis Report: 1) Total Sales Volume Rise and Fall - Find out the reasons (promotion, weather, display, big ticket, out of stock, sales promotion and other factors) 2) 3) The proportion of single sales - know the promotion effect, the new stock effect 4) The average unit price - grasp the level of market consumption, select marketable goods 5) Each single amount - additional sales 6) Inventory - Transfer, replenishment, 7) New goods reaction - good response, replenishment; 2 to 3 weeks the reaction is not good, according to the actual situation to promote the promotion (subject to weather, personnel, display, the product itself and other factors). l Store inventory should be based on reasonable control of inventory sales, the general control of the monthly sales of 1.2-1.5 times. 1, best-selling goods: store sales ranking of the previous goods, such as large warehouse inventory is adequate, the inventory can be properly maintained at 4 weeks; such as the volume of more sought-after, you can increase inventory weeks (these models are basically basic Models, promotional models, the traditional type) 2, the sale of general goods: the basic display of the demand for the store as a prerequisite to the minimum inventory cycle replenishment of goods to ensure the same color Qi code, basically remain within 4 weeks, usually selling a make up One; 3, sales of goods: should first analyze the reasons for its slow-moving, by changing the position of goods or staff to strengthen the sales of beer, such as the effect is still poor, you should be reduced sales promotion funds to return (such goods should be promptly controlled color code supplement). Note: a) the inventory weeks in the opening quarter and the end of the year to be adjusted; b) replenishment should pay attention to the total warehouse inventory, store inventory, sales volume to determine the replenishment demand for the main push of the best-selling goods in the replenishment process If the large warehouse has been broken off code (the company will be reasonable deployment), the store should be transferred to the main push goods (style closer to the best-selling goods, the price is lower or in the store's sales after this paragraph) ; If the sale of general merchandise in the replenishment of large warehouse has been broken code, should be as close as possible to replace the style of goods; c) stores are usually replenishment, if its inventory is more reasonable, you must consider the sale of goods; such as A certain section is expected to enter the sales peak that is the marketing period or holidays, should increase the volume of replenishment in advance; such as a section of the sales period of only one or two weeks or less, can reduce the volume of replenishment. l color code proportional control: the same number of weeks of inventory to calculate the volume of each color should be kept, it is necessary to know the proportion of color code sales. L new stock replenishment: According to the weather, in the first two days of listing, and a week of sales and customer feedback to calculate the next sales cycle of the week, timely check stock availability and color code is reasonable. l The newly opened store replenishment: the premise is to understand the spending power of the local main consumer groups, clothing styles and competitive brands of the proportion of the structure of goods, predict the local consumption of goods, feedback to the company, the company will be based on the actual distribution of goods . Under normal circumstances, to tie in with the market, in color, style as full as possible, the increase in the basic models, other models will be based on the store area and the expected sales ability Peihuo, it must make the goods inventory weeks budget. Best-selling goods should increase replenishment efforts.