Laughter fish brand children's clothing 2012 autumn and winter orders will be held


Rui Min Investment Co., Ltd. will be held in March 27, 2012 -28 Day in Shenzhen City Jiade City Hotel 2012 Ruimin Investment Company's "laughter" brand autumn and winter new product release and trade fair will now invite you Come to guide, order. SOURIRE team invite you to join, together cast laughter laughter career! Laughter laughter brand children's clothing French romantic, Chinese fashion, childhood personality into the design, the happy and healthy to bring children, emphasizing the original design of high quality, fashion design and modern leisure concepts and healthy lifestyle combine to promote fashion Environmental protection. Adhere to comfort, health, environmental protection, beauty, sophistication highlight the elegant, implicit in the display of personality, fashion contains confidence in the design principles. Brand Style: Fashion, Leisure, Vitality, Personality. Consumers: Age 3-15 years old (height 80cm-150cm) Fashionable, healthy lifestyle children. Brand Mission: The concept of respect, care for children and healthy fashion clothing to the world of all parents and children Business philosophy: quality comes first, Seiko secret agents, excellence and innovation, and strive to perfect. Product Positioning: high-end quality, mid-range price, high-quality brand laid the foundation, the market price in the snatch. Brand Culture: Characteristics of childhood, special memories, special services. Laughing fish features (fetishism and pragmatism combined): the romantic fashion from Paris, France, the integration of children's fashion elements of China to create children's clothing brand with Chinese characteristics, and the integration of the upstream supply chain, a unique variety of unique laugh luna-specific Fabric, so that every child has a unique children's clothing brand. Laughter laugh special (special planning, special childhood): "Do not take the unusual road" "Different childhood" has become the common goal of individual children grow up, laughter fish special planning 2 times a year "desk calendar star" Activities and orders will be "model draft" activities for each child like laugh fish show personality, enjoy the stage happy and honorable honored, really feel masters, become a special memory of the laughing fish owner. Laughter laugh special: Each sales consultant for children growing up, providing specific clothing for each age group, the first in the country put forward the "tailor-made, life-long service" concept, for children with a specific service. Product Categories: T-shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, cotton, jeans, sportswear, casual shoes, casual bags, jewelry, etc. Product Structure and Price: Spring and summer 68-238 yuan, autumn and winter 88-688 yuan