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[China Glass Network] As a consultant in network marketing, have you ever asked someone "is the effect of soft text promotion or the promotion effect of bidding ranking?" "I have already paid Baidu, and I have to What to push?" "After finishing your promotion, can I see the effect?" and so on? Mashan, who knows the network marketing agency, has encountered a lot. We have summed up a rumor through years of actual combat: "Internet marketing needs to integrate three-dimensional promotion effect."

Since the above three questions have been raised, the author may wish to do some analysis here. Although some of the reasons are obvious to our staff who specialize in network marketing promotion, we are here to take care of those who have just entered the business, or those who do not. The generals involved in marketing execution. Furthermore, our careful analysis helps us better understand network promotion and better perform network marketing tasks.

Is the effect of soft text promotion or the promotion effect of bidding ranking good?

Is the effect of soft text promotion good, or is the effect of bidding promotion better? This question is like asking the dragon's 18 palms to be powerful, or is it awesome? Each has its own advantages, and it is the one who is better at the end or who is going to operate. A soft-text promotion master may not need a penny, and the market effect is better than that of the newcomers in the auction ranking. However, if the bidding master has sufficient expenses, he will have a fight with the soft-text master.

To put it bluntly, soft text promotion and bidding promotion are two different promotion methods. Bidding promotion drives sales more directly, but the cost is large, there is no post-continuation effect, and soft text promotion can form a continuous promotion effect, and change consumption in a subtle way. The purchase intention of the company has contributed to the double harvest of corporate brand and sales. Bidding promotion, service consultant training will soon be able to master the skills, but the soft text promotion seems that the teacher can only teach some methods, it is not realistic to quickly become a soft-text marketing expert.

Soft text promotion and bidding promotion, it does not matter that the promotion effect is better, the two are soft and hard, is the two promotion methods that are necessary for network promotion today, and the two are better matched with the network promotion effect.

I have already paid for Baidu, what else to push?

Now the network marketing consultant of Xiaoma Zhitu network marketing agency, the author also gave Baidu a salesman N years ago, and also clearly remembers that a customer reluctantly said: "I originally paid Baidu, why are you still doing? Looking for it?" I sweat, when Baidu is a network underworld, the point of protection is only for business! ! I patiently explained to the customer that this is the bidding ranking. Every customer visit will consume our pre-deposit. After the pre-deposit is spent, the display advertisement needs to be pre-stored...

After finishing this promotion, can I see the effect?

The ancestors have been poor peasants for generations, so I am quite a bit simple, sometimes it seems that it can also be called Mu Na, and will not follow the customer's psychology to "fudge". Although we also think of the customer's doubts, but we are actually telling the truth, will not exaggerate the effect of network promotion. Perhaps the customer likes to hear that after the promotion, the product will be hot, but this is not, so I will never say this to the customer.

Back to the effect of network promotion, some customers understand the network promotion, and will look at the network ranking, Baidu index, news source, follow-up volume, web page volume and other indicators to evaluate the effect of network promotion, but some customers have not done it. He believes that after doing network promotion, he can save him from the fire. Of course, continuous promotion can be done, but the customer provides several tens of thousands of budgets, so that Party B can describe the effect after promotion. He does not seem to list these network indicators. A cold, a big non-sales increase is not the momentum of the effect.

In short, Baidu is not an online triad, and the bidding ranking is not to pay the protection fee, which is the same as paying the mobile phone fee. The effect of the bidding ranking is relatively good, and the combination of the two swords with the soft text promotion can help the company's brand and sales double harvest. In terms of the effect of network promotion, the sales increase is of course a good result. If there is no big increase in sales, it will not be effective. It may also be a problem in the distribution process and market research.

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