Diligently enhance your health with carpet care


Decontamination of the carpet 1, traces of oil smoke. Use a brush to pick up the concentrated salt water and brush it a few times. You can also use Cotton Yarn to remove the higher purity gasoline.

2, water juice traces. The stain can be wetted with 80% aqueous ammonia solution, and then brushed with a brush to remove the ammonia solution.

3. Ink traces. Sprinkle some fine salt powder on the stained area, then brush it with wet soapy water; Chen ink should be immersed in fresh milk, and then scrub with fresh milk using a brush.

4, fruit wine, beer traces. First use cotton or soft cloth to pick up the warm detergent solution and wipe it, then use warm water and a small amount of edible vinegar solution to clean.

5, animal and vegetable oil traces. Use cotton yarn to draw the higher purity gasoline repeatedly; or use a detergent brush.

In addition to decontamination, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the carpet to make the carpet embellish your life!

Carpet maintenance 1. Carpet cleaning will be a proportion of flour, salt and gypsum powder in a ratio of (6:1), cooled by water and paste to make it a dry block, then pressed into small pieces and scattered in Dirty carpet, then use a hard brush to roll on the carpet until it is powdered, then vacuum it.

2, in addition to carpet scorch, if the carpet is burnt inadvertently, when the scorch is more serious, we can use the repair method to remove, first burn the burnt area with a hard brush, then the carpet hair under the furniture After brushing it, cut it with scissors, then stick it to the burnt area with adhesive, and press it on the top of the book with the weight of the book. After the adhesive is dried, the adhered hair is firm and finally used. Gently comb the brush.

3, the recovery of the carpet, such as the new carpet used for a long time, the color is no longer bright, to make the color of the old carpet become bright, you can spread the salt on the carpet the night before, the second day with a clean warm rag to salt Remove, the bright colors of the carpet will recover.

4, the removal of stains on the carpet, animal and vegetable oil traces on the carpet, can be wiped with gasoline with a higher purity of cotton. Juice and beer traces should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in detergent solution and then with warm water and a little vinegar solution. Ink traces, new traces can be fined in the dirt, and then brushed with warm soapy liquid. If the traces are to be infused with milk for a while, then brush with a brush and milk.

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