Fiberdel underwear exquisite embroidery exudes femininity


Fiberdale underwear brand continues the French international fashion style, adhering to the "natural, healthy and stylish" business philosophy, a large number of the introduction of outstanding management personnel, the use of modern scientific management mode, the implementation of brand management and strengthen the core strengths of enterprises. In body care underwear, cosmetics, and many other areas made extraordinary achievements.


Intoxicated burgundy let you filled with a happy taste, exquisite craft cutting to highlight the quality of the product.

纤黛尔内衣 绝妙刺绣散发女性光辉

With the colors of the sea make you feel the atmosphere of nature, exquisite printing embroidery process is a magic weapon for the brand to achieve extraordinary success.

We're own factory for professionally producing Tin biscuit boxes and cake boxes etc. 

Most of our Kitchen food containers like biscuits boxes, Bread Box containers are made from galvanized steel and tinplate materials, which are eco-friendly and withstand the test of time,silicon seals keeping biscuits crispy and dry.

Comparing to other similar Storage container manufacturers, our products are cheaper in prices and better quality.

We sell hundreds of kinds of canisters to both European and North America, indicating that our export ability can be suitable for different customers with different styles and regions.

Storage Canister biscuit

Kitchen Storage Canister Set

Biscuit Box

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