OMNIALUO brand women's interpretation of the perfect exquisite life dreamy Seduction


OMNIALUO brand was founded in 1996 by China's top fashion designer Luo Zheng as design director. Under the leadership of Luo Zheng OMNIALUO team of designers, with their unique design language interpretation of the sense of fashion and the tactile sense of fashion for the dedication Dedicated to the interpretation of the perfect life exquisite dreams.

OMNIALUO品牌女装 演绎完美精致生活的梦幻霓裳

OMNIALUO specializes in blending the European neoclassical style with the oriental women's unique aesthetic taste, creating a noble, elegant, yet sexy image of women, and was deeply advocated by women with intellectual temperament.

OMNIALUO design director Luo Zheng is a dream-conscious and practical fashion manipulator, claiming that clothing is an extension of human consciousness, in an attempt to get clothing in life.

OMNIALUO品牌女装 演绎完美精致生活的梦幻霓裳

Dance, Architecture and Painting, Rhythm, Vision and Color - Luo Zheng perceives all beauty's artistic connotation and form from the bottom of his heart, draws the essence, and then goes indefinitely into the used and inadvertently continuance of the classicism New vitality. Rich in the classic style of embroidery, embroidery, lace in the OMNIALUO dress shoulder, skirts and skirts get reborn, wearing, moving, static showing a different beauty, fresh, Smart.

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