The spring elegance of the knee-length skirt


Leading Words: Today's fashion seems to have become accustomed to short or long skirts, so that the exposed legs are swept through the market or hiding in the skirts and smoke, so when this season is long and the knee is narrow, the skirt is narrow. A large number of skirts emerged, and people finally remembered the 'Zhongzheng' style we held in a certain era.

及膝裙的春天 优雅格调(图1)

Burberry Prorsum

Just with a pair of simple high-heeled shoes, it will be enough to let the beautiful calf low-key bloom fatal temptation. Of course, the attitude shown in the high-waisted knee-length skirt at this time is very different from the "big woman" that was fixedly matched with the big wide-shouldered top in the 1980s.

The two fat pockets of the hips bravely broke the fluency of the lines. The double-breasted design of the skirt was from Burberry's classic windbreaker. The bow belt was just right to express the British style of “serious sweetness”.

及膝裙的春天 优雅格调(图2)

Issey Miyake

The exquisite knit texture expresses the gentleness of the knee skirt. The exquisite lotus leaf treatment at the skirt brings out the exquisiteness of the calf, and the knit shirt with the same color of the sheepskin sleeve knit. The retro taste is full.

及膝裙的春天 优雅格调(图3)

Nina Ricci

Straight and straight lines, such as waist folds in trousers, bland fabrics and colors, and two straps are the crowning touches, turning a skirt that may be boring and lacking in curve dynamics to become handsome.

及膝裙的春天 优雅格调(图4)


Wavy lines and a variety of colors are laid out in narrow skirts, and the silky fabrics bring a sparkling feeling. With the rugged sweaters and fur coats, there is a subtle beauty full of contradictions.

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