St Jerome business men's trend of dress performance attitude


St Jerome 2013 autumn and winter clothing style brings together the European fashion elements, learn from the oriental version of the features that allow customers to experience the enviable fashion pleasure, is committed to 25-35-year-old fashion middle class and cutting-edge people to create fashion, creativity , Fine brand men's. Fashion attitude is the attitude of fashion with the progress of the trend of life and indispensable, San Jeronacos men will be the perfect attitude to show through clothing, so that more people can feel the fashion around. High-quality fabrics, style design and cutting have created a huge brand effect of St. Jerome, so that more people in the community to wear San Jero, feel the brand from the unique dressing experience.

    Hydrogen Accumulator is normal mounted before the directional valve or the eylinder It can suck or slow sudden exchanging clirection or suddden stopping of the cylinder for shock perssure
    When the temperture is raising up in sealed hydraulic system The hydraulic oil is produced expand of volume Because fluid expand ratio is general bigger then pipe material expand ratio It will cause oil pressure for raising up The avvumulator can suck up fluid volume of increment protect exceed pressure ensure satety When the temperature is reducing the fluid will contract The Accumulator will supply fluid for requiring in system

Hydrogen Accumulator Bladder

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