Katheslung Men's Geometric Pattern Wars winter street


France Cardisleng Men is a high-end men's apparel brand with mature middle-class men aged 30-50 as the consumer groups. Concise, smooth, masculine and multi-tiered combination, giving Cassi Lohlen delicate performance, and classic, fashion, sports design elements, but also to make the French gentleman style in the successful man wearing a Cassidy dress show themselves Endless. Check knitted pullover with a men's shirt, classic perfect with a perfect interpretation, with a cotton coat, coat is a gentleman's choice. Striped knit cardigan appeared gentleman full, different colors of mashups and geometric patterns of mutual integration for Look is very handsome.

Vortex Spun Yarn In VORTEX spinning, one end of each fiber is anchored in the center of the yarn such that the center of the yarn is always without twist. The other fiber end forms the outer yarn layer in a 'true twist' arrangement. A revolutionary idea, [spin yarn with the vortex flow of compressed air" created VORTEX, a new concept in staple yarn.


100% Viscose MVS (Melange)

100% Polyester MVS

Polyester/Viscose (T/R) MVS


30/1 40/1 50/1 60/1


PP Bag or Carton



Vortex Spun Yarn

Polyester Vortex Yarn,Polyester MVS Spun Yarn,Polyester MVS Yarn

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