"Collar" on the small flower collar collar detail magnifying infinite beauty


In the summer, all kinds of dresses, chiffon shirt is not to see the dazzling. However, did you notice a small detail of their design. That is their neckline design, although it is part of the design, but it is an infinitely magnified highlights, take a look at some of the wonderful dress collar or chiffon shirt neckline elements.


(Source: graceful spring and summer 2013 new product)

Pink blue chiffon short-sleeved shirt, the white large round neck splicing among them, cute and sweet, add a campus-style innocent temperament. Cascading small details is to create a sense of extra level.

“领”上生花 小小衣领细节放大无限美丽

(Source: graceful spring and summer 2013 new product)

Deep open neckline can naturally show a sexy clavicle, in the chest with a large bow embellishment, even more lady temperament. Flowers and lace on the left and right sides are more aggravating this feeling. Beautiful and pink line perfect fit.

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